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How it Started

Small Town Clothing Company was created with the aim to provide local designs to people who don't have many options for great clothing in their small towns.    

We started by selling in our small town of Elko New Market, Minnesota, just posting on Facebook and doing porch pick-ups. People started telling their friends about their new clothing and interest in our products started growing beyond our local market.


 In 2021 we created a website, added more products, and provided shipping. What a game changer! We now have over 100 unique products and have shipped to 44 of the 50 states! You can also find Small Town Clothing Company apparel in several stores across Minnesota and surrounding states.


​While we love the charm of small towns and the midwest, we're confident that we have such a variety of products, you will be sure to find something you love, regardless of where you live. 

Small Town Clothing Company

Represents All Small Towns Across the Country

Small Town Clothing Company
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